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Taking the Smiths song “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” as their cue, director, writer and performer Ben Harrison and musician and composer David Paul Jones delve into the wonderful, troubled, exhilarating and oddly innocent decade: the ’80s. Entwining David’s original music and covers of the ’80s classics (from The Smiths and Kate Bush to Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Tears For Fears, among others) with Ben’s short stories, all set in the ’80s when both men were teenagers, the play is an open-hearted, emotive and at times humorous dive back into the world of mixtapes, Walkmans, fumbled early encounters, cider on the carpet, sleepovers and long nights and early mornings hanging out at the bus stop with nothing to do but smoke and dream…

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Dates: First Preview: 23 September 2024 Final Performance: 25 September 2024
Location: Summerhall, Edinburgh

1 SummerhallNewington,



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