About This Show

A bold new collaboration from two of Europe’s most exciting arts companies, featuring the live performance of music by Bach, Beethoven and Lutoslawski. Fusing music and movement, Prelude centres around the live performance of three rich and fascinating pieces of music. Combining playful, dynamic choreography with razor-sharp live performance, musicians and dancers blur their roles and break the rules as they explore music that pushes against the boundaries and restrictions of artistic expression. What follows is an aural and visual exploration of the very human paradox at the root of all three pieces: our need to seek out order amongst disorder, and the urge to tear apart our self-imposed rules and restrictions to create chaos. Performed by the UK’s leading string orchestra ? a collective of outstanding musicians championing music for strings ? and one of Sweden’s most boundary-pushing contemporary dance companies, Prelude builds toward the reward of exploring an iconic masterpiece that resists categorisation, and wriggles free from all attempts to speak a final word.

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Dates: One Night Only: 13 November 2018