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Five Reasons to See … The Curious Lives of Shakespeare & Cervantes

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The Curious Lives of Shakespeare & Cervantes is billed as a "witty and energetic romp through the lives of two of history's greatest writers, who died on the same dte, and achieved great fame, lasting through the centuries".

Asa Gim Palomera's play premiered in Melbourne in 2005, and was rewritten for last year's Edinburgh Fringe. This new version plays at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 14 and 15 June, with a cast of six plus live musicians from the Royal Academy of Music and Drama. Here, the company give us five reasons to go along...

1. The Storyline
The story is a farcical, sarcastic yet realistic take on lives of two of the world’s most famous authors, William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. Bursting with surprises for the audience, it charts their respective influences on the modern stage and gives viewers an opportunity to see both of these literary masters in their underwear, so to speak.

2. The Costumes
The costumes are stunning examples of 16th century fashion characterised by increased opulence, the rise of the ruff and the expansion of the farthingale. Period costumes are always attractive to see but when they are shown in the stark nakedness of the stage - the effect becomes heightened.

3. The Text
Those who avoid the classic theatre can rest assured that they are in for a pleasant surprise. Sexily funny but subtle, Shakespeare & Cervantes is about the bygone stories coming alive as though it is happening in front of you.

4. The Historical Setting
The story comes from the time when Spain and Britain started to fall apart from one another - from the royal wedding to the Spanish Armada and when these family squabbles turned into national confrontation.

In England the King of Spain went from King Consort to the "Southern Devil" in just a few years time.

5. The Direction and Choreography
Making use of dance and music, including live Spanish guitar and cello accompaniment, the choreography is mesmerising to the eyes.

The Curious Lives of Shakespeare & Cervantes is at the Bloomsbury Theatre on the 14 & 15 of June


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