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Five Reasons to See... Internal Terrains

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Natasha Davis' Internal Terrains plays at the Chelsea Theatre as part of the Sacred Festival on Saturday 1 June 2013, before touring. Here she gives us five reasons to go...

1.Experience a mix of contemporary performance and true life stories:

Artist and performer Natasha Davis has crafted solo work from her own stories and authentic memories of participants from both Worlds End Estate, Chelsea, and the Oval House's Drama Youth Group for young migrants and their friends.

2.Go on a journey with an artist who has had an extraordinary one:  This has been a huge influence in her work.  Natasha first came here to study in the early 90s but being of Serbian and Croatian heritage couldn't return to the UK due to Western European sanctions during the civil war in former Yugoslavia.  She then spent six years in Greece without citizenship while Serbia claimed she was Croatian and Croatia that she was Serbian, and had to sue Croatia to recognise her as a Croatian citizen, even though she was born in Croatia to a Croatian mother! 

3. Immerse yourself in Natasha's signature mix of imagery, movement, song and ambience: Expect the unexpected. A hanging cage projects shapes onto Natasha's skin in movement... A stuffed crow drives a car... Installations become as multi-dimensional as the performance as a whole, creating dreamlike moments for both artist and audience to share.

4. Original soundtrack throughout: Natasha continues to collaborate with American-born theatre maker and composer Bob Karper, former winner of a prestigious Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Fringe. Karper creates a haunting soundscape mixing piano with sounds coming directly and often unexpectedly from objects and installations used in this performance.

5.  Discover how a striking atmosphere can be created without the use of traditional theatre lighting: The whole space is lit with only twenty light bulbs connected to the ends of twenty snake-like electric cords, first crawling along the floor, then hanging in the air and used to bring the objects to life, their dimness or brightness controlled by the performer from the stage.

Internal Terrains runs at Chelsea Theatre on 1 June & at the Bussey Building on 19-20 June