What's in my dressing room? – Simon Bailey

We go backstage with ”Jersey Boys” star Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey
Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey is currently starring as Tommy DeVito in Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly Theatre. His previous acting credits include I Can't Sing! The X-Factor Musical (London Palladium), Romeo and Juliet – The Musical (Piccadilly Theatre) and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (New London Theatre).

We caught up with him to find out which five items he couldn't live without.

The Costumes/Cast Mates

SB: I love all my costumes so my wardrobe houses all of those. Oh, and Matt Hunt and Declan Egan.

The Rug

SB: I love this rug in my room – Jon Boydon left it here and I'm glad he did!

The Fridge

SB: I hosted a little Olivier's party in my dressing room after our performance in the Covent Garden piazza. This was the fridge beforehand! It's not like this all the time I swear, your Honour.

The Jacket

SB: This is such a great opening night gift from our producers, welcoming us to the company. I love it!

The Hair Stuff

SB: This combo transforms my hair into the indestructible force you see every night at the Piccadilly Theatre – you need bolt cutters to get through this!

Jersey Boys is currently running at the Piccadilly Theatre. Click here for further information and tickets.