Watch West End stars sing Queen's "The Show Must Go On" for charity

With venues still shut down, artists are trying to raise funds and awareness

Stars singing "The Show Must Go On"
Stars singing "The Show Must Go On"
West End stars united for a special performance of Queen's "The Show Must Go On" to raise funds for two charities – Mind and Acting for Others.

Created by West End Live Lounge, the video features a total of 45 singers and musicians and all are helping the #SaveOurTheatres campaign. Live Lounge producer Shaun McCourt said: "The arts industry is in dire need of government support in such difficult times. As we begin to see lockdown eased across other sectors, the arts are being left behind. For an industry which puts millions of pounds into the economy each year, it is worrying that little is being done to preserve it. There is no song more apt right now than 'The Show Must Go On'".

Appearing in the video are Glenn Adamson, Kelly Agbowu, Marcus Ayton, Adam Bailey, Zoe Birkett, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Erin Caldwell, Louise Dearman, Kellie Gnauck, Simon Gordon, Natalie Green, Emma Hatton, Lisa-Marie Holmes, Jacqueline Hughes, Joel Harper-Jackson, Sejal Keshwala, Emma Kingston, Martha Kirby, Emma Lindars, Shekinah McFarlane, Kayleigh McKnight, Sarah Moss, Brady Isaacs-Pearce, Laura Pick, Andrew Polec, Lauren James-Ray, Jodie Steele, Danielle Steers, Jennifer Tierney, Rodney Vubya and Ella Young.

They are accompanied by Sam Coates, Ben Golding, Liam Waddle, Ben Steele, Sam Ainslie, Simon Kennard, David Talisman, Clodagh Kennedy, Siobhán McCafferty, Sophie Gledhill, Klara Romac, Rhys Lovell, Jacob Phillips, Wesley Frankel and Mike Kent-Davies.

You can support Mind here and Acting for Others here.