Thriller Live cast members including Peter Andre sing "Earth Song" to celebrate the show's run and the NHS

The West End production ended when lockdown was implemented

Some of the stars singing "Earth Song"
Some of the stars singing "Earth Song"
Cast members from Thriller Live said goodbye to the show and thanked the NHS with a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Earth Song".

The musical was originally meant to have had its final performance on 26 April, but due to the lockdown was forced to close early.

Sixteen performers came together to sing the hit number, recorded in locations around the world while lockdown measures continue. The video features stars including Peter Andre as well as long-time Thriller Live singers such as Kieran Alleyne, who was the first "Young MJ" to appear in the production at the Lyric Theatre in 2009.

Also appearing in the video are Joey James, MiG Ayesa, J Rome, Ina Seidou, John Moabi, Britt Quentin, Haydon Eshun, Jesse Smith, Vivienne Ekwulugo, Rory Taylor, David Julien, Adriana Louise, Zoe Birkett and Wayne Anthony-Cole. The band is composed of John Maher (musical director/arranger, keyboards and acoustic guitars), Ryan Alex Farmery (keyboards) Adam Kovacs (percussion), Jo Phillpotts (bass), Allan Salmon (electric guitar), Accy Yeats (drums).

You can watch below.