Test your theatre knowledge: Animals on stage

With ”War Horse” embarking on a UK tour, ”Lions and Tigers”, ”Dolphins and Sharks” and ”The Hartlepool Monkey” all running this month, we thought it was time to do an animal themed quiz

War Horse in the West End
War Horse in the West End
© Brinkhoff & Moegenburg

With a raft of shows with animal themes, characters or titles opening this month – War Horse, Lions and Tigers, Fox, Dolphins and Sharks, Rattle Snake, not to mention Laika at the Unicorn next month, we thought why not have some fun with an animal-themed quiz .

We love to put animal friends on stage, in a host of forms – be they puppet, human-impersonation or, in exciting cases, actually live. But how much do you know? Don't worry if your quiz performance isn't up to scratch, we promise we won't dog you in.

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