Stagey Lego exhibition to open at the Theatre Cafe

Everything is awesome….

John Lewis has defied gravity and sent a balloon to the moon, Sainsbury's cat has destroyed a household and the Coca Cola truck was in Leicester Square yesterday – it must be nearly Christmas. And with Christmas, comes gift lists, millions of which will be full of requests for Lego, the humble building brick which has been a staple addition to children's toy sets for over 50 years.

But what happens when you grow out of playing with toys and find new hobbies, like theatre? Well, then you make stagey lego pictures like the ones in the gallery above, soon to be part of an exhibition at the Theatre Cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue.

The person responsible for these scenes is Sara Gilbert, who started making the dioramas in 2013 as birthday presents for family and friends. After making a few custom pictures for the owner of Theatre Cafe, they decided to put on the exhibition to show off the creations.

Gilbert told us the pictures can take anything up to 12 hours to make and that her current favourite is the Little Shop of Horrors, adding that she "likes adding non-Lego touches, like the tissue and blood on Seymour's hands and the floor."

The pictures will be exhibited at the Theatre Cafe up until Christmas, where you will have a chance to purchase your own piece of stagey-Lego.

For more information, check out the Pictarama website here.