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Royal Court Theatre ceases performances and rehearsals in response to coronavirus

The venue also pledges to support and lobby for those struggling in the industry

The Royal Court Theatre
The Royal Court Theatre
© Ungry Young Man (flickr, CC BY 2.0)

The Royal Court Theatre has ceased all performances and rehearsals and pledged to support the sector, it has been announced today.

The venue released an official statement earlier today to stop all performances and rehearsals "in consultation with our staff, writers and current companies". It additionally stated, "The exponential escalation of this public health emergency, and its impact on people's lives and responsibilities, mean that the current conditions for the Royal Court Theatre's core mission – creating theatre and inviting the public in to share in it – no longer seem viable."

The venue will postpone its spring work and remodel this into its future programme, working "towards a renewed and confident future in spite of the many challenges ahead". It also offered its support to the industry as whole, commenting: "As a well-funded National Portfolio Organisation we acknowledge and welcome the support Arts Council England is providing to us but are concerned that many in the sector, both companies and individuals, will struggle to weather this crisis. We will do all we can to support and lobby for you.

"We will be in touch with all ticket bookers over the coming days, please bear with us."