Quarantine Quiz – Miriam-Teak Lee on her time away from her & Juliet family

The award-winning performer gives us the lowdown from lockdown

Miriam-Teak Lee
Miriam-Teak Lee
© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

It's a rubbish time for those locked down and theatres shut. But we wanted to find out what stars, producers and creatives are getting up to while cooped up in their own homes!

Our next interviewee is Miriam-Teak Lee, the WhatsOnStage Award-winning star of & Juliet.

1) Who are you locked down with?
My parents and my two brothers and there's nothing but laughter and love and light in the house right now!

2) What are you missing most during lockdown?
Live theatre. Being on stage and giving my all to an audience and taking them on a ride with me.

3) What's your default Pick-Me-Up show tune?
Confession! Every time I stream, I listen to act one of Dear Evan Hansen (I absolutely love it) but since the lockdown I've been listening to & Juliet a lot because I miss my &J family so much!

4) Favourite box-set binge?
I'm currently heavily binging Money Heist on Netflix!

5) What's the When-I-Get-Some-Time project that you are hoping to tackle during lockdown?
Script writing and videography. They are both time consuming projects so I'm really using this time to perfect those crafts.

6) What are you currently reading?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Really channeling my soul into the path of working hard to achieve my dreams and my personal calling.

7) Have you cleaned out your kitchen cupboards and if so, what's the oldest thing you found?
Oh goodness no! I don't cook so I wouldn't be anywhere near those cupboards haha!

8) If you could take a virtual tour of any building in the world which one would it be?
Any Mansion! I am so unbelievably obsessed with stunning, huge interior designs. I've often thought of going into an estate agency and pretending I want to buy a mansion just so that I can just view all of them!

9) How many loo rolls do you really have in your house?
Haha, I actually don't know, my dad is the delegated food and utilities shopper! But I think we're doing alright and haven't run out yet.

10) If you decided to learn a new language during lockdown, which one would it be and why?
Probably Spanish because that's the language that Money Heist is in.

11) Which board game would you choose to while away an evening?
Trivia! I love learning new things!

12) What time is Wine-O'Clock in your house?
Anytime at the moment, but to be honest none of us in my family are big drinkers so it's really not that often.