Quarantine Quiz – Jordan Luke Gage on being a fan of crime documentaries and listening to Six

The Romeo actor from ”& Juliet” spills the beans from lockdown

Jordan Luke Gage
Jordan Luke Gage
© Mori Sade

It's a rubbish time for those locked down and theatres shut. But we wanted to find out what stars, producers and creatives are getting up to while cooped up in their own homes!

Our next interviewee is & Juliet's hit star Jordan Luke Gage.

1) Who are you locked down with?
I'm locked down at my mum's house outside of London with my mum, her partner and their little cockapoo puppy! It's nice to have more space and nicer walks (and a puppy)

2) What are you missing most during lockdown?
I'm really missing seeing my friends. I'm yearning for some new human interaction that isn't via zoom!

3) What's your default Pick-Me-Up show tune?
Oo a pick-me-up has got to be something from Six hasn't it? I think the opening number. I'm also loving "El Tango De Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge!.

4) Favourite box-set binge?
I'm really into crime documentaries – Making a Murderer, The Keepers but most recently I binged The Innocent Files on Netflix.

5) What's the When-I-Get-Some-Time project that you are hoping to tackle during lockdown?
This is what I am loving about the downtime – being able to focus on things I've wanted to for a while. I'm currently doing two online courses; one on Forensic Psychology and one on Nutrition and Fitness. Both are subjects I'm interested in but never took the time to sit down and learn about!

6) What are you currently reading?
I'm currently reading The Greek Myths by Robert Graves. I have a fascination for the Greek stories of Gods and monsters so I'm loving it!

7) Have you cleaned out your kitchen cupboards and if so, what's the oldest thing you found?
I have to say I haven't been near the cupboards as I came to my mum's the day that lockdown started. Mum's very organised so I doubt I'd find anything older than a week!

8) If you could take a virtual tour of any building in the world which one would it be?
This sounds creepy but it would have to be some kind of haunted house that has a lot of history. Something like the Amityville house in Long Island. I went to an abandoned theme park in Vietnam last year and it was so spooky but it gives me such a thrill.

9) How many loo rolls do you really have in your house?
Okay, so we have a few because my mum went to Costco a few days ago and they only sell them in packs of 24 or something ridiculous. So enough to last us a while!

10) If you decided to learn a new language during lockdown, which one would it be and why?
Italian. I can speak a basic amount but I'd love to get better at that. Italy is one my favourite countries and the first country I plan on visiting after lockdown.

11) Which board game would you choose to while away an evening?
Cluedo! Easy. I hate to brag but if there were a Cluedo championship I would enter because I've never lost a game of Cluedo (and I've played a lot!) Maybe it's my crime documentary brain at work. It's always that Miss Scarlett in the Library with the revolver..

12) What time is Wine-O'Clock in your house?
I sound so boring but I've only had a drink one day during lockdown! In normal times Wine-O-Clock is after a show on a Saturday night but I've felt no desire to have a drink lately. I think because I like to work out in the morning so I like a clear head. However now you've got me thinking about wine.. be right back x