Quarantine Quiz – Hammed Animashaun on hugs, guitar playing and Monopoly

The WhatsOnStage Award-winning actor gives us the lowdown from lockdown

Hammed Animashaun
Hammed Animashaun
© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

It's a rubbish time for those locked down and theatres shut. But we wanted to find out what stars, producers and creatives are getting up to while cooped up in their own homes!

Our next interviewee is WhatsOnStage Award-winner Hammed Animashaun, who has starred in the likes of Master Harold at the National, A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Bridge and The Producers at the Royal Exchange.

1) Who are you locked down with?
I'm on lockdown with my mum and brothers!
It's great but we've had to put away the monopoly board – it was getting too personal.

2) What are you missing most during lockdown?
Honestly, I miss going to the theatre and having a drink/dinner with my friends. And giving hugs. Hugs are everything.

3) What's your default Pick-Me-Up show tune?
It'll have to be "Keep it Gay" from The Producers. Puts a smile on my face every time I hear it. Haha!

4) Favourite box-set binge?
Ahhh this is so hard! I can't pick between The Office and Parks and Recreation. So there's two for you. Ha!

5) What's the When-I-Get-Some-Time project that you are hoping to tackle during lockdown?
I'm learning to play the guitar! It's going horribly. But I'm having a brilliant time. I do know how to play Enrique Iglesias' Hero. It's beautiful.

6) What are you currently reading?
Guitar for Dummies. Hehe

7) Have your cleaned out your kitchen cupboards and if so, what's the oldest thing you found?
Oh my days so I was clearing my cupboards and I found a box of peppermint tea….from 2009. I know, I know. I don't have an explanation! Ha!

8) If you could take a virtual tour of any building in the world which one would it be?
It'll have to be the National Theatre. I've been blessed to have worked there a couple of times but honestly, I still get lost. Place is massive!

9) How many loo rolls do you really have in your house?
Haha we have the right amount of a family of four. 2020, the year of the toilet roll.

10) If you decided to learn a new language during lockdown, which one would it be and why?
Ooooo it'll have to be Spanish. Why? It's a sexy language, innit?

11) Which board game would you choose to while away an evening?
No no after our last incident, we've put Monopoly away. I can't say much more than that, the case is still ongoing.

12) What time is Wine-O'Clock in your house?
Midday. Haha