Quarantine Quiz – Daniel Monks on his love of Moana and converting his family to RuPaul's Drag Race

We asked the stage star some quickfire questions

Daniel Monks
Daniel Monks

It's a rubbish time for those locked down and theatres shut. But we wanted to find out what stars, producers and creatives are getting up to while cooped up in their own homes!

Our next interviewee is Daniel Monks, star of Teenage Dick at the Donmar Warehouse.

1) Who are you locked down with?
My brother Nicky, sister-in-law Tiffy and two baby nephews Noah and Isaac. It's a nightmare to parent during this time and Nicky and Tiffy are doing incredibly – and I get the joy of playing with kids who are oblivious to the apocalypse and whose smiles are pretty much the cure for depression.

2) What are you missing most during lockdown?
My Seagull family. We went into lockdown on our fifth preview for the Jamie Lloyd Company production of The Seagull, and I miss them all buckets. Our WhatsApp group keeps me going, and I can't wait till we get to play together again.

3) What's your default pick-me-up show tune?
The Moana soundtrack. Specifically, "I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)". I have spent many a late night ugly-cry lip-syncing to that glorious song. And Noah is obsessed with "You're Welcome", so really, there's something for everyone; emotionally incontinent gay uncles and boisterous toddlers.

4) Favourite box-set binge?
30 Rock. RuPaul's Drag Race, which I am converting my deeply heterosexual brother and sister-in-law to during #lockdown; doing God's work. Currently rewatching HBO's Girls from the beginning, and Adam Driver really has always been ridiculously brilliant. It's a bit rude.

5) What's the When-I-Get-Some-Time project that you are hoping to tackle during lockdown?
Writing the second draft of my second feature. But y'know, haven't even touched it yet and we're on week four, so we'll see how that goes.

6) What are you currently reading?
Rereading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami and gently weeping.

7) Have your cleaned out your kitchen cupboards and if so, what's the oldest thing you found?
I have done absolutely no cleaning and I am offended by the accusation.

8) If you could take a virtual tour of any building in the world which one would it be?
I'm a bit over the indoors at the moment, so would probably want to have a virtual tour of some incredible place in nature. Maybe an underwater virtual tour of the Great Barrier Reef. Yeah, that.

9) How many loo rolls do you really have in your house?
Fortunately, my sister-in-law already had a reservoir of loo rolls because she was buying everything in bulk before it was cool – and obviously stopped buying them once everyone else started because she is a great human. I used to give her sh*t for it, but now am thankful for such an amazing apocalypse buddy. I think we have about half a wardrobe left.

10) If you decided to learn a new language during lockdown, which one would it be and why?
BSL or Auslan. They're both a bit hard for me as I only have the use of one hand, but even just to learn how to understand more would be amazing.

11) Which board game would you choose to while away an evening?
Articulate. The best (and most aggressive) board game.

12) What time is Wine-O'Clock in your house?
I don't drink alcohol because I'm boring, but I do drink sugar because I'm disgusting – and Coca Cola-O'Clock is getting disturbingly early of late. I feel like I'm gonna come out of this with no teeth and a gut. Heaps cute.