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Organised Chaos bring Boy On A Bed to Lowry Studio, 15 May

Organised Chaos present the latest play to come from their annual script call.

Organised Chaos Productions bring their latest collaboration of the North West’s new and emerging talent with the successful script from their script call last year: Boy On A Bed by Edwin Preece.

Boy On A Bed
Boy On A Bed
© Organised Chaos Productions

Adam likes running. He sprints through snow, heat, gales and rain. One day when he gets soaked by a passing bus Stella offers him a towel. Stella likes beauty. She is training to be an architect. Instantly attracted to each other they make plans to move in together. Benedict likes sitting around and smoking. He is a painter hoping for a lucky break. As Adam runs by Benedict sketches him. When he persuades Adam to sit for a painting, the result is a picture that leaves its mark on all of them for the rest of their lives.

The company recently won a Best New Writing award from the 2012 Buxton Fringe Festival (for AfterWords) and Organised Chaos Productions bring the play to The Lowry before embarking on a UK tour in the autumn.

The piece is directed by Alastair Zyggu, with set design by Jessy Cornips.

Boy On A Bed will be presented at The Lowry, Studio from 15 – 16 May