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Northface bring Be My Baby back to Manchester

Following the success of their Someone Who’ll Watch Over
and A Taste of Honey, local theatre company, Northface are bringing Amanda Whittington‘s Be My Baby back to the region.

This emotionally engaging and genuinely humorous play follows the lives of four teenage girls placed into a mother and baby home the 1960’s in the north of England. The home is run strictly, yet with order, by the Matron whose job is to give the girls the support they need in preparation for the months of pregnancy.

The girls are forced to confront the real possibility of having to give up their unborn babies to the adoption system. The play is inspired by real experiences and we have been incredibly fortunate in meeting a manchester woman-purely by chance when we were looking for props- who was in a mother and baby home in Bury in 1969.

Northface aim to provide a platform for young manchester actors starting their career to work with established performers.

Be My Baby runs at The Lowry from 8 – 10 January 2010.