Theatre News

New Play Set for Unity from Sell a Door

A new production from Liverpool-based Sell a Door is being staged at the Unity theatre next week. Planning Permission follows the theatre company’s debut production of The Secrets Inside at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year.

Written and directed by David Hutchinson, the play explores a village divided by their traditional values on race, sexuality, age and gender.

A community council meeting is underway. A new video shop has been proposed. It is up to six individuals – a student, a pensioner, a businessman, a secondary school teacher, a house husband and a trainee nurse – to vote on its construction.

But are people’s minds fully on the availability of the latest DVD release? As the mêlée rages the vote becomes nothing to do with the video shop and everything to do with who comes out on top.

Planning Permission appears at the Unity on Thursday 14 and Friday 15 May. Tickets are available at the theatre’s box office, call 0151 709 4988 for details.