Musical stars including Fra Fee sing "The Turning of The Key" from The Clockmaker's Daughter

The musical’s album was released in 2019

Fra Fee
Fra Fee
Musical stars came together to perform a number from award-nominated musical The Clockmaker's Daughter. It is edited by PJ McEvoy.

Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn's folk fairytale musical, which premiered at the Landor Theatre in 2015, is set in the fictional Irish town of Spindlewood and was released as a studio album in February 2019.

The cast includes Fra Fee, Rebecca Gilliland, Emma Warren, Caroline Kay, Leah Pinney, Alan McHale, Daniel Hall, Sean Carey and Matthew McCabe.

Watch the video here:

The Band:
MD / Piano – Michael Webborn
Keys 2 – Kieran Stallard
Violin – Nicola Lyons
Cello – Maria Rodríguez Reina
Double Bass – Doug Grannell
Guitar – Leo Aram Downs
Reed – Ruth Whybrow
Horn – Lisa Ridgway
Percussion – Joe Malone