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Most popular musical theatre audition numbers revealed by musical director Inga Davis-Rutter

Check out what’s topped the list!

Bring It On
Bring It On
Inga Davis-Rutter is back – treating us to some top-notch analysis of the most popular numbers used by auditionees that she says were presented for a BA in Musical Theatre at a London conservative in the last year.

It's exciting to see how dynamic these lists are – the songs that proved most popular last year – "Times Are Hard for Dreamers" from Amélie and "Mister Snow" from Carousel being among the most popular.

This year there's a three-way tie between "In My Dreams" from Anastasia (which hasn't arrived in the UK…yet), "One Perfect Moment" from Bring It On (which had a sadly shortened UK premiere late last year) and 'The Life I Never Led" from Sister Act!, shortly set to return to our stages.

Tunes from Hamilton, Fiddler on the Roof and Carousel all appeared higher up the list – while Waitress favourite "She Used To Be Mine" also proved a popular choice.

What was Davis-Rutter's favourite? She admits it's "Love Will Come And Find Me Again" from Bandstand

You can see the list below:

— Inga Davis-Rutter (@IngaDR) February 22, 2022