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Madani Younis: 'I fear theatre will become the domain of the few'

The artistic director of the Bush Theatre spoke out about diversity at the launch of the venue’s new season

Bush Theatre artistic director Madani Younis spoke out about diversity at the theatre's new season launch.

Speaking at the venue, Younis said: "Many theatres in this country don't respond to the culture of our country… diversity needs to be embraced at the heart of its institutions…

"My fear is that theatre will become the domain of a chosen few."

Younis added that in comparison with other industries "theatre has stalled" when it came to diversity.

Speaking about the Bush Theatre's wider projects in the community, Younis pointed out that the area has the highest proportion of £1 million houses in the country alongside considerable deprivation.

The director said that the railway bridge which stands outside the theatre separated the "haves and the have nots" in Shepherd's Bush.

With the plans for redevelopment, Younis is hoping 2016 will be a landmark year for the theatre.

"The spirit of democracy should flow through all our theatres…The theatre is defined by the people who use it and the people who create within it," he said.

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