Lin-Manuel Miranda's Desert Island Discs: here are the eight tracks he chose

The ”Hamilton” creator ruled the airwaves on Radio 4

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda
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The Hamilton creator and all-round cultural sensation got stranded on Radio 4's iconic island this weekend, describing his life, his influences and work to date. We've listed the eight tracks that Miranda picked for the programme, and why he chose each of them. Turns out we also have a very specific line from RENT to thank for the artist turning his hand to musicals – a great anecdote in what is a fascinating interview.

1) "Cabaret" from Cabaret

Miranda adores Liza Minnelli's performance (who doesn't?) in Cabaret and said that this was one of the first songs to really sow the seeds for his love of musicals – especially the way Minnelli holds the last note.

2) "The Crane Wife" by The Decemberists

This serene piece was apparently his go-to meditation song during his manic and unrelenting year starring in Hamilton on Broadway.

3) "El padre Antonio y su monaguillo Andres" by Ruben Blades

Miranda remembers his time growing up in New York – his family, his musical influences and the effect his parents' musical tastes had on him.

4) "Passing Me By" by The Pharcyde

With his sister taking him to hip-hop performances while growing up, it's no surprise that the music style went on to be a formative part of Miranda's later work. It's easy to see the lyricism of "Passing Me By" in works like In the Heights or Hamilton. It also ends on a burp.

5) "What You Know" by Ali Dineen

One of Miranda's former students Ali Dineen is his fifth pick for his Desert Island Discs – a lovely, whimsical and folksy number that is well worth sticking on your fave Spotify playlist.

6) "On The Radio" by Regina Spektor

Described by Miranda as "the perfect pop song" with its very intriguing, enthralling lyrics. It really is quite epic.

7) "Dejate Querer" by Gilberto Santa Rosa

Miranda danced to this song at his wedding – noting that it made treading on his wife's dress a difficult thing to avoid.

8) "Rosa Parks" by Outkast

The song is a vital part of the Freestyle Love Supreme (the improv show currently on Broadway) experience for Miranda and his friends, reciting the lyrics gets them in the zone before heading out on stage

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