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Judi Dench 'incensed' about lack of audition feedback for actors

At an Actors Centre event the actress expressed her outrage at the way actors are treated after an audition

Judi Dench and Paul Clayton at the Off the Record talk

Judi Dench has spoken out about the lack of communication actors receive after an audition.

Speaking at a talk held by The Actors Centre at Theatre Royal Drury Lane the actress said she was 'incensed' at the recent trend for actors not being told whether or not they have got a part.

"I am incensed by the fact that you don't hear back [after an audition]. It doesn't take much, it is very easy to write a letter. It's just good manners.

"I bet there are people in this room who have gone up for something and don't hear a thing afterwards."

She added: "You don't have to give reasons, just something. Because it's so nerve-wracking."

Dench was talking to an audience as part of The Actors Centre's Off the Record series and also spoke about her journey into acting, her penchant for pranks backstage and her recent stage performances.

She said she prefers to have directors notes and sees a show always as a 'work-in-progress'.

"Isn't it a bit dangerous, thinking it's ready on the first night?" she asked. "We hope that it gets better."

The legendary actress also told of the time she starred secretly in Les Miserables while she was also onstage for All's Well that Ends Well.

"I only had a scene at the very beginning and the very end [of All's Well that Ends Well]. It's a long time to sit, so I decided to run up the road and do the barricade scene in Les Miserables. It was very exciting."

When asked by an audience member what advice she would give she said: "If you really really want to do it try not to be disheartened by the shit that's thrown at you along the way".

Off the Record is a series of talks with high profile actors and industry professionals hosted by Paul Clayton.