Handforth Parish Council Zoom: dream casting for the film version of the viral video

Who will play Jackie Weaver?

The iconic Jackie Weaver
The iconic Jackie Weaver
© Left: Handforth Parish Council, right: Dan Wooller
It's taken the internet by storm – an expletive-laden, tumultuous Parish Council Zoom meeting.

Featuring a cohort of Council characters vying for control of budgets, waiting rooms and the microphone, yesterday we added the video to our top theatre to watch online for free.

So here we go – let's cast the inevitable stage/film version of this iconic YouTube vid (if they're turning the Gamestop event into a film then why not this?)…

Of course, before you read our casting, check out the viral vid's highlights here:

We recommend watching the video before reading on…

Jackie Weaver

Our erstwhile protagonist – Jackie – removing all sedition from a Zoom meeting like some well-meaning Brutus removing power-mad Caesars from Rome to try and restore order and calm. Maybe one for Meryl? Or Lesley Manville? We think Manville would work perfectly.

Aled's iPad

"Aled's iPad"
"Aled's iPad"

Two rather rambunctious characters that speak over Jackie and try and grab control of the Zoom meeting (we like to think of them as the antagonists). "THE VICE-CHAIR IS HERE – I TAKE CHARGE" one of the Aleds (we didn't look up their real names) belts into an iPad. How about casting the younger Aled as Lee Evans, switching comedy for gritty Cheshire grammar? Who else would be able to deliver the line "READ THE STANDING ORDERS – READ THEM AND UNDERSTAND THEM!". That's the 21st century version of "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!". The older Aled, giggling during the anarchy? Perhaps David Bradley…

Alan's iPad

Also known as Alan Murdoch, a mysterious, shady presence who arrives late before being a bit of a joker. It might be the calling for Ian McKellen, bringing some brightiness during these dark times.


Everyone needs a Sue in their life. Prioritising respect, asking people to be kind to one another. She's Julie Walters through and through.

Handforth PC Clerk

Delivering the iconic line "You have NO AUTHORITY HERE JACKIE WEAVER" (seriously, that's the tagline for the trailer), our antagonist (and self-styled Clerk) would be perfectly played by someone like Michael Gambon.

Barry Burkhill

Another Councillor who seemingly objects to Jackie's actions in removing the meeting's Chairman (spoilers!), this might be the perfect one for Gary Wilmot…well, after all, Anything Goes


Cyn and Sue are the two best characters – lovable and exemplifying the best in British fortitude. Could we get Adjoa Andoh for it? She was amazing in Bridgerton.

David Pincombe

"Thank god for that", David sighs, after the anarchy ends. He's crying out to be played by David Suchet, isn't he?

John Smith

Stepping into the Chair role with grace and sturdy efficiency, Smith would be ideal for someone like Sanjeev Bhaskar – calm and collected and making sure the tumult comes to a close.