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FITTER to run at Soho Theatre with Mary Higgins and Ell Potter

The pair return to the Soho after previous show ”HOTTER”

© Holly Revell

The two creators of hit show HOTTER, Ell Potter and Mary Higgins, will return with a new show FITTER at the Soho Theatre in December.

The verbatim piece sees the pair interview trans-men, cis-men, and masculine-presenting people aged 8 to 85 about 'what makes them hard', and then taking the interviews and performing them on stage. The performance will feature, according to Potter and Higgins, "singing, dancing, and f*cking around in crap drag".

FITTER is directed by Jessica Edwards (who also directed HOTTER) alongside Higgins and Potter, with designs by Rūta Irbite.

It runs at the Soho Theatre from 3 December to 4 January. HOTTER ran at three successive Edinburgh Fringes and is currently being performed at the Soho Theatre.