Di is Dead (Liverpool)

Venue: Playhouse
Where: Liverpool (Studio)

Robert Farquhar‘s latest play is nicely housed in the
Playhouse Studio.With its small space, it really is an intimate performance
and one which packs quite a punch.

This one-man show has everything in it. Francis Tucker is
perfectly cast as Graham, who takes us all back to that fateful day of
September 1997, when Princess Diana is killed in a car crash in Paris. He
perfectly describes in minute detail what he was doing, where he was, and who
he was doing it with.

Farquhar’s ability of being able to produce a character
that has so many highs and lows, but is perfectly balanced is something he does
remarkably well. With Tucker’s natural charm and manner, it is easy for the
audience to like this loveable rogue, and he produces an 80-minute monologue
effortlessly and one that is a joy to watch.

As well as writing the piece, Farquhar has also directed.
With nothing but a chair, he has managed to fill the space with the different
characters that Graham meets in his story. Flitting from one eccentric
individual to another and with the occasional nod to the audience, Tucker has
everyone on the edge of their seats.
Di Is Dead is a perfect example of what happens when
great writing meets great acting. Catch this little gem while you can.
– Janie Phillips