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David Wood talks Goodnight Mister Tom in Birmingham

The Chichester Festival Theatre production of the classic children’s tale Goodnight Mister Tom arrives in Birmingham next week on the final stop of its tour. After playing a limited run in London over Christmas, the acclaimed production will play at the New Alexandra Theatre from 9-13 April.

Directed by Birmingham born Angus Jackson, the show stars Olivier Award winning Oliver Ford Davies as Mister Tom, Louise Collins and Joanne Howarth.

I sat down with David Wood who adapted this Michelle Magorian penned novel for the stage who explains how he hopes that this adaptation will translate to a wide audience. “Most people will recognise the title from the ITV drama with the extraordinary John Thaw, people in their 50s and 60s will remember the TV show but also, potentially, had their parents evacuated so it brings a great horror and nostalgia. It’s important to remember that Goodnight Mister Tom has been part of the curriculum for a long time so the story has been opened up to a vast amount of people.”

The story maintains many of the elements of the book, keeping it true to its origins. “There is a much darker side to the play, when we look at the country vs London; it’s very true to the book. The darker elements make the children gasp; it’s interesting as children nowadays are cushioned so the play does shock them in parts.”

The tale of Goodnight Mister Tom displays themes that tug on the heartstrings. Gentle Mister Tom and vulnerable William generate an array of emotions, connecting with each and every audience member.

Goodnight Mister Tom opens Tuesday April 9 at Birmingham’s New Alexandra Theatre and is your last chance to catch the show before the tour ends.