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David Hunter to release new EP on cassette this month

New tunes from the musical performer


Waitress, Kinky Boots and Once star David Hunter will release a new EP later this month.

Featuring four original songs, the album won't be released online immediately, with Hunter instead selling 50 cassette tapes at his gig at Pizza Express, Holborn on Sunday 31 October.

The performer explains: "I was watching Thundercats one morning and playing with my Ninja Turtles, when I thought how fun it would be to release an EP on cassette. I'm such a nostalgic person and I miss holding real tapes and CDs in my hand, reading all the lyrics and feeling connected to it all.

I wanted to indulge in that nostalgia and create my own little mixtape, in the hope that 50 other people might feel the same way. I'm even packaging it all in shredded copies of Smash Hits Magazine from the 80s! The whole thing is full of play – hence the title!"

Tickets for Hunter's gig are available now, with the EP set to be released online on 14 November. It is created with Tim Prottey-Jones (production) and Chris Porter (design).

The EP will be available alongside a bundle of exclusive merch and a cassette player.