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Comedian gets on stage proposal at Edinburgh Fringe

Australian comedian Bec Hill got a very big surprise at the Edinburgh Fringe when a heckler in the audience turned out to be her boyfriend proposing marriage.

Bec Hill
Bec Hill

Hill, who was nearing the end of her show Bec By Popular Demand, put a question to the audience, unaware that her boyfriend Gavin Innes was sitting at the back.

She explained: “I was doing the show and there’s a bit where I ask if anyone’s got a back-up plan for if someone tried to mug them, and I do a bit of audience banter.

“This hand at the back went up and I saw this person stand up and I thought, ‘oh my gosh, some weirdo’s going to storm the stage’. They started walking toward the stage and they said ‘I’d propose.’ Then he came on stage and it was him.”

She added: “He proposed and then I nodded and cried. And then he said, ‘You have to finish the show now’. I had ten minutes left to do so I performed ten minutes with tears streaming down my face.”

Bec By Popular Demand continues at the Gilded Balloon until 25 August.