Brief Edinburgh Encounter with… [title of show]‘s Carley Stenson

Carley Stenson, known to TV fans as Stephanie Cunningham in Hollyoaks, has had West End roles in Legally Blonde and Shrek the Musical. She is appearing in [title of show] at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, playing at Assembly Checkpoint until 26 August

Carley Stenson
Carley Stenson

Tell us about [title of show]
It’s about four friends writing a musical and having a ‘ball’ doing it.

Is the show being adapted at all for a UK audience?

Not quite- we are keeping it true to the script as we feel people will get it, or at least understand that the references are American.

Have you had any advice from the original Broadway cast?
We have had lots of lovely tweets and messages. They are very supportive and just want us to have fun, keeping their essence.

Do you relate to your character at all?
I can’t help but keep a little of me in there. I will relate to her as I want to be believable- I think I do!

In the show you sing “Die, Vampire, Die” – have you had to overcome any ‘vampires’ yourself?
Every day. It’s what keeps us human and passionate about what we do.

Would you rather be nine people’s favourite thing, or one hundred people’s ninth favourite thing?
9 people’s fave of course! (haha)

Are you excited about performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?
Definitely! I love the place.

Do you have any shows you want to see at the Fringe?
Get Got, and stand up!

What was the transition like from TV to theatre?
A journey, but I liked the challenge. I’ve always kept up with theatre, but it was more of a challenge than I anticipated. I love it though.

Do you have any dream roles?
Hmmmm… I would love to do a TV drama.

What’s next?
Who knows? Erm…September haha! Stay tuned.