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Branagh's Romeo and Juliet returns to cinemas in July

The production stars Richard Madden and Lily James

Lilly James as Juliet and Richard Madden as Romeo
Lilly James as Juliet and Richard Madden as Romeo
(© Johan Persson)

The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is returning to cinemas from 7 July.

Starring Richard Madden and Lily James in the title roles, alongside Derek Jacobi as Mercutio and Meera Syal as The Nurse, the production was first seen in the West End and cinemas in 2016.

Co-directed by Branagh and Rob Ashford, it ran as part of the inaugural Plays at the Garrick season.

The cinema release is being produced by Trafalgar Releasing in collaboration with Fiery Angel.

Kenneth Branagh said he was "delighted" by the re-release, adding: "The original cinema broadcast was seen by 125,000 people worldwide and I hope that this rerelease will give many more people ­– particularly schoolchildren and students who have endured such a major interruption to their education during the past year – the opportunity to enjoy this passionately committed production of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy."

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