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Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals he’s completed his next musical

Starlight Express has just commenced previews

Andrew Lloyd Webber, © David Gordon
Andrew Lloyd Webber, © David Gordon

Starlight Express may be hurtling its way back to London, but that doesn’t mean that Andrew Lloyd Webber isn’t already on track to premiere a new musical.

Speaking to The Telegraph this weekend, composer Lloyd Webber revealed that he had completed his next “big” show – “though its subject and title remain under wraps”.

Rumblings earlier this year on tabloids suggested that Lloyd Webber would be teaming up again with Tim Rice to produce tunes for a Sherlock Holmes-themed show, though that may be a separate project. Last year, Lloyd Webber also discussed doing an immersive theatre production, believing “the next thing I do may go a different way.”

In the meantime, he has Starlight Express to grapple with. Lloyd Webber revealed to The Telegraph that the show is in some ways dedicated to his late son Nicholas Lloyd Webber, who died last spring. One of the prompts for the musical in the 1980s was a trip to the US, where Nicholas Lloyd Webber saw a steam train for the first time and was awed: “I’ll never forget Nick’s face when he saw a steam train coming.”

Starlight Express has just commenced previews – you can find out more about the new production here.

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