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A new streaming service is bringing Broadway shows to the UK

The platform will launch in the UK in June

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A brand new streaming service will bring Broadway shows to the UK.

Entitled "Broadway on Demand", the service will be available in June in the UK after a north American launch next month.

The company's president and CEO Sean Cercone said: "Broadway is a giant global brand, and its impact extends far beyond a few blocks in midtown Manhattan. Even before our current crisis, we've long dreamt of building a platform that would truly fulfill Broadway's long-held promise of being the ‘longest street in the world.' This platform is our way of breaking down geographical and economic barriers so that the entire world can partake in all the wonders that Broadway has to offer."

It is currently unknown which shows will be hosted on the platform, though the site is saying it will house "a growing list of live-captured Broadway shows that can be viewed on-demand" as well as exclusive performances, concerts, backstage videos and masterclasses.

While some of the content is free, there will also be a subscription service for a small monthly fee, offering premium content or a wider selection of livestreams. The company is claiming it will have the "most comprehensive array" of theatre-related content.

You can find out more on the "Broadway on Demand" website here, and sign up for early access.