90 seconds with Rajiv Joseph

We sat down with the ”Guards at the Taj” playwright to find out more about the play which reopens the Bush Theatre next month

Playwright Rajiv Joseph fills us in on his play, Guards at the Taj, which reopens the Bush Theatre next month.

Jamie Lloyd directs Danny Ashok (Disgraced, Bush) and Darren Kuppan (East is East, West End) in Joseph's play. Set in 1648, Guards at the Taj is a dark comedy about two guards whose job it is to ensure no one (barring masons, labourers and slaves) are to look at the Taj Mahal until it is completed.

The production marks the re-opening of the theatre following a £4.3m redevelopment project.

Joseph was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2010 for his Broadway play Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, which saw the late Robin Williams making his Broadway debut.

Guards at the Taj runs at the Bush Theatre from 12 April to 20 May, with previews from 7 April.