10 ideas for brand new musicals – as suggested by readers

We asked for your ideas and you responded in force!

The Berlin Wall and Lady Jane Grey feature in some of your ideas for brand new musicals
The Berlin Wall and Lady Jane Grey feature in some of your ideas for brand new musicals

Last week we asked WOS readers to give us some original, completely novel ideas for musicals, and you responded in force.

Here we've picked out our ten favourite suggestions – sorry we've had to remove any jukebox musicals (we're looking at you, "the Diana musical featuring the music of Steps") or shows that already exist, but here are some that really wowed us.

Bad Habits
"A timid Catholic priest, Rupert Winder, dreams of living an adventurous life, far from his boring village of Little Biggot. Suddenly, he finds himself on the run with an infamous art thief, Carrie Nightingale, and the painting she has just stolen: "The Lopsided Madonna" by the blind artist Metcalf. Together, with the aid of a hip-flask swigging nun, they must escape the country in order to sell the painting and make their fortune. Along the way they are hunted down by the police, Rupert's former congregation, and Carrie's old partner in crime, Quentin Diabolique." – James Willett

Dreams Through Reality
"The plot being about a girl who suffers from ME and bedridden, but dreams of being a West End star. The twist to the story is you see her living her dream to only find sadly this is on a dream and not reality. In reality she is suffering daily living in a dark room, at times unable to stand any type of sound. She has loved musical theatre all her life, when able to listen to soundtracks, she finds hope and escapism from her world of one room." – Courtney Meldrum

6 August 2011
"Musical based on real events that took place during and in the aftermath of the 2011 UK Riots" – Chuchu Nwagu

The Get Out
"The show starts with the big finale and the bows, and the rest of the show is about the drama and comedy that happens as cast and crew take everything down to move onto the next town on tour! There would be romance, probably a love triangle, a scheming understudy, falling set, a dance number swinging on ropes as we lower the sign from the main show and the show would finish with an empty stage and loading bay filled with boxes!" – Antonia Whitehead

Life in Bloom – the Story of Dinkie Flowers
"The true life story of Dinkie Flowers, who at 99 years of age is still dancing and inspiring others to do the same. Founder of Dinkie Dancers dance school." – Sheila Kemp

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Nine Days
"The story of Lady Jane Grey. It really is fascinating and so much happens in her short life. It would be called Nine Days as she is known as the nine-day queen. The musical follows her life and the decisions those around her made that lead to her becoming queen and what led to her execution. Such a sad story but it would give an extra dimension to her life story. So many strong characters and lots of oppression going on. It would be like Les Mis but instead of following Jean Valjean it follows her life." – Bethan Jones

Tunnel 29
"I'd like to see a musical based on the story of the Tunnel 29 – the tunnel digged under the Berlin Wall by Joachim Neumann." – Reka Sztrinko

Clydebank Blitz
"A musical based in Scotland surrounding the Clydebank Bombings, set in 1940s, with multiple character plotlines of Romance, loss and desperation. This story is barely highlighted within media and definitely not theatre, the stories will be based on real people." – Lewis C Baird

Under the Stars
"A musical targeting the topic of homelessness on the streets of London and focusing on a young homeless teenager who has a stroke of luck and decides to use the newfound fortune to help a group of his homeless friends get back on their feet." – Adam Lovatt

Blood Runs Orange
"A musical about the true story of teenage Dutch girls who seduced and killed Nazis. Read up on the story here. – "D"