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Sara Cocker & Lowri Evans chat about Eggs Collective's GET A ROUND

Three Manchester artists perform at the Royal Exchange for one night only before setting off to Latitude and Edinburgh Fringe. We chew the fat with two of the Eggs Collective.

Flyer for the tour
© Eggs Collective

What is Eggs Collective?

Three performance makers and one producer based in Manchester. We make immersive, dark, funny experiences for our audiences, like cabaret that's fallen off the stage. We seem to find ourselves performing in non-traditional spaces as often as we find ourselves in theatres. We feel equally at home on bars, in toilets and surfing crowds as we do on stages.

Who are your influences?

A lot of our heroes: David Hoyle, Caitlin Moran, Stewart Lee, Scottee, Bourgeois and Maurice, Bryony Kimmings, Stacey Makishi, Forced Entertainment, Amanda Palmer. Also, we're friends and that really influences the content of our work. We're inspired by the things that we see and experience together: things that make us laugh or cringe or feel cross.

Why do you think regional theatre is still so important?

Because people still live in regions and artists still live in regions. Also, does that mean 'not in London'? We have to get over that. We have to make excellent, exciting art that speaks for itself and just prove it by doing it.

What do you like about performing?

It is a once in a lifetime event. It only exists in that space and time. It can fail. It is not afraid to. For the duration of a performance, we're all in it together, for better or worse and that can be a very unique and a very exciting experience.

Describe your new show. Is it fast and loose?

It is fast and loose and dark and intimate and ambitious and faltering and forceful...basically everything you'd expect on a night out. It's wayward and messy and fun, but it's got a heart. At its core, it's a show about belonging.

Why should people come along?

To explore humanity in all its technicolor glory and shame at the moment that drunkenness and sobriety meet. And we're getting the first round! We'll look after you, we want you to have a good time. You won't get another chance to be part of a night out like this.

Eggs Collective's GET A ROUND is at at the Royal Exchange on 5 July, Latitude Festival, Suffolk on 19 July and at Edinburgh Fringe 1 - 24 August. View the trailer here.