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BLAM! Creator Kristján Ingimarsson: 'Ricky Gervais wanted to join us'

We talk to ''BLAM!'' creator, as the company prepare to wow Blackpool this Summer with a high energy show that has already left the likes of Ricky Gervais feeling "blown away."

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For the uninitiated, what is BLAM?

BLAM! is the sound of a gun in comic books but it is also the act of becoming an action hero and re-enacting your favorite action scenes anywhere outside of a movie set. It can happen for example at work, in your home or in the supermarket. We do it in the office, but you can go BLAMMING wherever you like!

The show looks very energetic. How much training do you have to do before a performance?

We normally do 60-90 minute warm up and individual acrobatic/martial arts training. It depends on the character you are playing. And often we have to rehearse some special scenes or stunts to adapt to a new venue and make sure everything is safe.

Blackpool in the Summer is a great family destination but what made you decide to come here?

BLAM! is the perfect entertainment for Summer guests and we are looking forward to playing for the families because this is a show for all ages! We can't wait to get to know the town and show Blackpool what we do.

Did you always have plans to do the show on the road?

No I didn't. The scenography is very big and complex so in the first place it seemed impossible to tour it. But since BLAM! became so popular we decided to rebuild it and make it more tour-friendly. Now BLAM! is touring all over and that's just great. We really want to play to as many people as possible.

Ricky Gervais has seen the show and loved it. Were you influenced by The Office?

It was a great to have Ricky in the audience in London, he actually told me that he wanted to join the group – he's welcome any time! I was definitely influenced by the dry atmosphere in The Office and David Brent's characteristics certainly affected one of the roles. BLAM! is also very much influenced by movies in general. It is funny how these two worlds mix together.

Have you done the hum drum jobs the guys in the show do?

I haven't tried sitting for 9 hours a day in a cubicle but being the director of my theatre company demands hell of a lot of office work. It sometimes really makes me wanna grab the printer and go BLAMSERK!

You recreate your favourite movies. Without ruining too much, what movies do you play homage to?

BLAM! is a tribute to a big range of movies and the physicality of movies in general. I don't want to spoil anything - but I'm pretty sure your favorite hero is gonna show up.

With the film The Artist and Britain's Got Talent continuing to do well, the UK seems to have fallen back in love with slapstick comedy. Why do you think it's still popular?

Because it is ‘physical' and therefore both timeless and universal. The physical comedy goes straight to your heart and your stomach, it is spontaneous and you blissfully don't have time to think. I have always been a big fan of Lee Evans…and it is not just because of what he says.

Finally, can you summarise in 9 words why you think audiences should see BLAM! in Blackpool?

You don't wannabe the one who didn't see it!

BLAM! is at the Blackpool Grand from 20 - 31 August.