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What is your favourite musical opening number?

We want to know your thoughts!

Bailey McCall as Jenna, Kennedy Salters as Becky and Gabriella Marzetta as Dawn in the US Tour
© Jeremy Daniel

With a variety of open-air venues able to "open up" this month (while indoor venues may, with social distancing, be able to do so by the end of the month), we want to know what your favourite musical opening number is!

Establishing characters, settings, tones, moods and themes, an opening number can be the most vital part of a whole production. But all this week we're going to be asking: which is your favourite opening tune?

Let us know in the survey below and we'll publish the results at the start of next week – so like and follow our Facebook and Twitter for the results.

A few months ago we found out your favourite musical movies – you can see the results here.


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