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West End musicians perform medley of overtures from iconic shows

How many musicals can you spot?

"Overture of Overtures"

A number of musicans from West End shows came together in one big bonanza of overtures.

Described as an "Overture of Overtures", the piece is the brainchild of musical director and orchestrator Alan Williams, with each part recorded in isolation by a plethora of musicians from across London productions.

18 musicals appear in the medley – see how many of them you can spot and then check it against the list at the end of the video!

You can watch the video below to see the team in action, with a full list of credits beneath the embed.

1st Violins: Will Hillman, Patrick Savage, Laura Melhuish, Millie Ashton, Ciaran McCabe, Jo Archard.
2nd Violins: Glesni Roberts, Cat Parker, Darius Thompson, Clare Taylor, Kath James, Penny Ainscow.
Violas: Sarah Chapman, Jennymay Logan, Lizzie Boyce, Alice Billen, Bernie Anguige.
Cellos: Dave Hornberger, Nerys Richards, Verity Simmons, Gabriella Swallow. Basses: Phil Donnelly (& electric), Pete Hutchison, Nicky Davenport.
Woodwind: Helen Wilson (piccolo), Sarah Manship (flute), Jennie Chilton (clarinet), Jessamy Holder (clarinet/bass clarinet), Ilid Jones (Oboe), Geoff Coates (Cor Anglais), Linton Stephens (bassoon).
Saxes: Nick Moss (Alto), Mikey Davis (Alto), Paul Stevens (Tenor), Hannah Lawrance (Tenor), Gemma Moore (Baritone).
Trumpets: Simon Gardner (Promises Promises & Gypsy solos), Jean-Paul Gervasoni (West Side Story solo), Seb Philpott, Angela Whelan.
Trombones: Mike Kearsey, Winston Rollins, Andy Wood (Bass).
Tuba: Richard Henry.
French Horns: Dave Oxley, Joseph Ryan, Laura Llewelyn-Jones.
Harp: Cecilia de Maria.
Piano: Simon Heeley.
Electric Guitar & Banjo: Justin Quinn.
Drum kit: Tim Goodyer.
Timpani: James Turner.
Percussion: Dave Elliot, Shan Chana, Becky Brass.

Audio Mixing: Phil Donnelly at Arnos Groove Studio, Audio Mastering: Simon Hendry, Video Editing: Mark Harrison, Associate Orchestrator & Music Preparation: Jerome van den Berghe

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