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Top one-liners of the Edinburgh Fringe announced by Dave

See who has been crowned this year

The Edinburgh Fringe
© James Ratchford

As has become an annual tradition, comedy channel Dave has crowned the top joke of the Edinburgh Fringe, while also revealing the nine other one-liners making the top spot. We've run them down below... which one is your favourite?

1 Masai Graham: "I tried to steal spaghetti from the shop, but the female guard saw me and I couldn't get pasta."

2 Mark Simmons Did you know, if you get pregnant in the Amazon, it's next-day delivery.

3 Olaf Falafel My attempts to combine nitrous oxide and Oxo cubes made me a laughing stock.

4 Hannah Fairweather By my age, my parents had a house and a family, and to be fair to me, so do I — but it is the same house and it is the same family.

5 Will Mars I hate funerals — I'm not a mourning person.

6 Olaf Falafel I spent the whole morning building a time machine, so that's four hours of my life that I'm definitely getting back.

7 Richard Pulsford I sent a food parcel to my first wife. FedEx.

8 Tim Vine I used to live hand to mouth. Do you know what changed my life? Cutlery.

9 Sophie Duker Don't knock threesomes. Having a threesome is like hiring an intern to do all the jobs you hate.

10 Will Duggan I can't even be bothered to be apathetic these days.

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