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I have finally got round to seeing a show and couldn't have got off to a better start with Bob and Jim's Modern Urges at the Underbelly on Cowgate. One of the highlights of the show is a song about a lost gnome - That's Not My Gnome - which spoke to me because I am myself a gnome-owner. My gnome is called Heathcliff and lives on my allotment and I would be most upset if I lost him. Here is a picture of him guarding my runner beans. The show also featured a pork pie - one of my favourite snacks and a highly informative song about the difference between pipes and tubes. I once did a plumbing course. Anyway, I highly recommend this show as it is very funny.

Going back to gnomes. I wanted to have a gnome as part of the set for Can You Dig It? but this was vetoed by my co-performer Dan Woods, who is a gnome-hating Luddite Philistine. He says he "can't see the point of gnomes" so anyone who is disappointed by the lack of gnomes in our lovely space at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh should blame him.

We now have two shows under our belts. Show number two was pretty much sold out and seemed to go down well and we even managed to flog some copies of the Can You Dig It? CD (the perfect Christmas or birthday present for the gardener in your family).

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