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Royal Court programs day of events in response to Weinstein revelations

Vicky Featherstone has organised a day of action at the London theatre

Vicky Featherstone
© Rosie Hallam

Vicky Featherstone has announced a day of events programmed in response to the Harvey Weinstein revelations.

The artistic director of the Royal Court has responded to people who have spoken out about abuses of power in the theatre industry.

Following the news coverage of Weinstein, Featherstone tweeted last week to ask what should be done. In response she has set up an industry-wide Town Hall session where the verbal code of conduct already practiced by the Royal Court can be communicated to the wider community. There will also be an opportunity to learn from other organisations and a sharing space set up, lead by Royal Court associate director Lucy Morrison.

The event will take place on Saturday 28 October between 12 and 5pm and is free, with no booking required.

Featherstone said: " What shocked me most was how many of those who approached me were fearful they'd be named and also of the significant negative implications speaking out could have for them. Despite those fears they wanted to have their voices heard to prevent such abuses happening to those coming after them.

"Having set up and led major arts organisations over the last 20 years I have always had very clear policies on how to manage such abuses of power and how to empower my staff to have the confidence in dealing with and reporting such issues.

"Last year at the Royal Court we had a company-wide meeting - a Town Hall, on sexual harassment in the theatre. The outcome of this session was a mutually agreed verbal code of conduct that all Royal Court staff are very clear on. One which eliminates the so-called grey areas that so often allow people to get away with abuses of power. That session gave those who are subject to such abuses clear avenues to confidently take further action.

"Sexual harassment, predominately carried out by those in power to people in positions junior to them, is systemic. It is across every part of our society. If it is not dealt with in an open way we have no hope of change, and change must happen."