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Ronan Keating: 'The story of Boyzone would make a great musical'

As the singer joins the cast of Once we chat to him about his first stage role


1. We know you as a singer. How long have you been considering moving across into acting?

I shot my first feature film, Goddess, in Australia a couple of years ago and loved the experience. I've always had ambitions to act so the chance to be in the West End is really exciting for me.

2. What is it about Once that made you choose this show for your West End debut?

It's a touching, simple love story that's set in my hometown of Dublin that has this truly great soundtrack. The songs are the star of the show for me.

3. What do you think the main challenges will be taking the lead in a West End show?

There's a lot of guitar playing in the role of ‘Guy' so that has been the biggest challenge by far. Being on stage feels comfortable to me but I'm expecting this to be a whole new experience to my usual solo and Boyzone gigs.

4. What is your favourite song in Once?

It's got to be "Falling Slowly". It's a great duet.

5. How have the other Boyzone members reacted to you moving into acting?

They've been really supportive as we all always are with each others solo projects. I can't wait for them to come and see the show.

6. Have you done any theatre previous to Once?

I've done lots of gigs in lots of theatres all over the place but this will be my first ‘theatre' gig!

7. Do you have your eye on any other roles in West End shows? What would be your ideal role (not including Guy)?

I wouldn't want to get ahead of myself just yet – the whole focus just now is 'Guy'.

8. Has there ever been any discussion of making a Boyzone musical?

I've always thought the story of the band would make a great musical or film so hopefully one day that could happen. It would be great to find five up and coming young actors from Dublin to play us.

Once is booking at the Phoenix Theatre until 21 March 2015. Find out more and book tickets by clicking here.