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Peppa Pig on My First Concert: 'Mummy has promised we can sing the Bing Bong Song'

We hear all about Peppa's latest theatrical foray

Peppa and her friends
© Dan Tsantilis

Hi Peppa, could you tell us about My First Concert?

Oink! It's very nice to meet you! Mummy, Daddy, George and I are going to learn all about musical instruments and the noises they make. There are some that are very loud and some that are very quiet. I think George will like the loud ones that go 'TOOT! TOOT!' The musicians from the Aurora Orchestra will play lots of lovely songs that Daddy calls 'classical', I hope that we'll be able to dance and sing along!

What are your favourite pieces of music?

I love the songs I sing with my family and friends, especially the "Bing Bong Song!" Mummy has promised that we'll be allowed to sing that one with the boys and girls who come to the concert. I was a little bit worried about the concert because my friend Suzy told me that classical music is for Grandmas and Grandpas! But George and I have a lovely time listening to songs on the old records in Grandpa's attic, they are very fun to dance to. I think Suzy must have made a mistake – I'm sure the concert will be brilliant!

Is it exciting getting to share the stage with so many musicians?

I can't wait to meet all of the musicians in the Aurora Orchestra and learn about their instruments. It must be very difficult remembering all the right buttons to press, or when to bash your instrument! I think we will make friends very quickly because I am a musician too. I am learning to play the recorder at school!

Peppa and her family on the London Eye
© Dan Tsantilis

Are you looking forward to visiting the Edinburgh Fringe next month?

It's very exciting going to explore a new place. I'm going to make so many new friends! Daddy showed me the map, and once he'd turned it the right way up, he pointed out all of the very interesting places we'll be visiting this summer. I think I can remember them all: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester... and of course Edinburgh!

Any top tips for families visiting Edinburgh?

George has already packed his boots because Scotland can be very rainy, even in the summer. My tip is that everybody who visits should bring their boots too, so that they don't miss any chances to jump in muddy puddles! At school, we learnt that in Scotland they eat lots of special food with funny names. I hope they still have spaghetti!

Peppa Pig: My First Concert opens at the London Coliseum on Sunday (24 July) and visits Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. It will be at the Edinburgh Fringe from 4 to 21 August.