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Over 60 per cent of theatregoers would be happy to use vaccine passports, research shows

We've polled a lot of theatre fans

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WhatsOnStage has been conducting research on attitudes towards "vaccine passports".

Polling close to 2000 theatregoers, we asked what their opinions are of these passports, also known as "Covid status certification" – which would be in the form of either proof of a negative Covid test or of a vaccination. To make the point explicitly – these passports are not exclusively for those who have been vaccinated.

In total, 62 per cent were pro-vaccine passports after 21 June (the current date at which social distancing measures may be eased), while 63 per cent said that the passport would make them feel more confident about returning to live theatre.

WhatsOnStage has also been able to break down the figures depending on whether or not the respondent had already received at least one Covid jab.

Among those already vaccinated sentiment shifted significantly: only 17.85 per cent would be unwilling to use vaccine passports, with over 80 per cent willing to use certification.

This is in stark contrast with those who had not received a vaccine dose, where 45.83 per cent would be pro-Covid status certification, though 11.67 per cent admitted their opinion would change once they had received the jab.

Given the pace of the vaccine effort, it is likely that by the time 21 June arrives, an even higher proportion of theatregoers will have received their vaccine and may therefore be more pro-certification.

An analysis of those providing feedback welcomed the general principle and saw it as a great idea (especially if it led to a semblance of normality), though a number voiced concern around those unable to have a vaccine due to medical reasons (though these individuals may be able to still get tests).

Other concerns included how it may affect younger people who, due to the nature of the vaccine roll-out, have not been able to have a jab yet.

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