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Kerry Ellis: 'I can't wait to get back on stage doing what I do best'

As part of our Curtains Without You campaign, we chat to the ever-popular actress and singer

Kerry Ellis

Despite the theatre closures West End star Kerry Ellis has been keeping busy. She recently released a brand new festive single "One Beautiful Christmas Day", reuniting with the inimitable Brian May.

1) Can you chat through how you brought the single to life?

I always wanted to have my own Christmas song, I always do lots of concerts at Christmas singing all the big hits and thought how wonderful it would be to add my own song. I had the idea and brought it to Brian who helped me develop the song and of course added his guitar to make it magical and here we are!

2) Obviously the pair of you have collaborated on some titanic projects – why do you enjoy working with Brian so much?

There is never any pressure working with Brian, we come together to be creative and it just works, we take our time and find our way. I love that we never quite know what is going come out or what direction the music will go until we start.

3) This has been a turbulent year by all accounts – what does the future look like for you?

Yes it's been tough, however this year has had some magical moments, it's made way for my new podcast "Keep Calm and Kerry On", I've written a book, created an album and of course released a single, so it's been productive. Next year is looking busy with lots of concerts and I can't wait to get back on stage doing what I do best. Brian and I will get back in the studio too, as soon as we can.

4) What are you most excited to see when theatres return in 2021?

I'm a big fan of Dear Evan Hansen, I saw it in New York and fell in love so I'd love to go and see it in the West End. Also to have all those incredible theatres back open and thriving again will be joyous, I can't wait to get back on stage.

5) This Christmas is far from ordinary – how are you planning on spending it?

I'm very lucky to have two young boys Alfie and Freddie, who I'm sure will keep me busy and hopefully I can make this Christmas magical for them. Hopefully I will be doing a few performances too. I have a show on the 9 January at the Crazy Coqs, which will be streamed all over the world, so I'm looking forward to that too.