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Jeremy Jordan announces UK debut for his band Age of Madness

The event will take place at new venue Here at Outernet

Age of Madness
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Jeremy Jordan's new band Age of Madness will perform in London for the first time later this year.

The band, set up by the Broadway star and his friends during lockdown, features guitarist Mikael, violinist Sarah Charness, and drummer Matt Graff. They will be appearing at the new Tottenham Court Road venue HERE at Outernet (not far from the freshly unveiled West End theatre @sohoplace).

Age of Madness are, in their own words, committed to "telling stories that are a testimony too where we came from and where we stand in today's world."

Jordan's credits include Newsies, Bonnie and Clyde, American Son, Little Shop of Horrors, West Side Story, Waitress and Rock of Ages. He has just begun a series of concerts at Theatre Royal Drury Lane – where, mid-performance, he announced the Age of Madness plans.

The show will take place on Sunday 13 November 2022 at 7.00pm. Tickets are available via the Fourth Wall Live website.

Jordan said: "I am incredibly excited to share what Age of Madness and I have been cooking up with my friends in the UK. The audiences here have been truly extraordinary as well as massively supportive of me throughout my solo shows the past several years, and I cannot wait to take them along for the next bold step in my journey. I try to make my solo shows as personal as possible, but this time, every song and every moment is personal, and I'm so proud of the work Mikael and I have done along with the rest of the band to bring something really exciting and unique to one of my all time favourite cities.

"In a time where vast swaths of music are being created with just a few clicks on a keyboard, Age of Madness proudly raises a middle finger in defiance. Rather than rely on AI manufactured beats and Tik Tok notoriety, the band endeavors to remind the world of an almost forgotten era: one where instruments were actually played, where vocals were powerfully gifted in range, nuance, grit, and heart, where storytelling is grounded in real emotions, thoughts, memories, and poetry. AoM bridges time and space by being an homage to the raw and militaristic rock riffs of the 90s, the symphonic classical music from Beethoven to Zimmer, and the studied vocal precision of legendary giants across the musical spectrum. The sound they've created is an umbrella that is unabashedly theirs, each track pushing into genre territories that can't be pinned down to a single influence, but instead a nod of admiration and respect to the greats of yesteryear."

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Watch two Jordan performances: