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How stagey are you? Scott Garnham vs Simon Bailey

After two months at the top of the table, will someone finally defeat Simon Lipkin?

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Scott Garnham

Scott's theatre credits include Made in Dagenham, I Can't Sing! and Les Miserables.

He's also a founding member of 'musical supergroup' - Boys of the Barricade.

Simon Bailey

Simon's recent theatre credits include Bat Boy (Southwark Playhouse), Marry Me a Little (St James Theatre) and I Can't Sing! (Palladium).

What was the last show you went to see?

I went to see my very talented friend playing the lead in Casa Valentina at Southwark Playhouse… which was fantastic! 1

The last time I was at the theatre was to see my very dear friend Gareth Snook in Casa Valentina at the Southwark Playhouse. I loved it so much I went twice in a week. 2 [Bonus point for seeing same show twice in a week]

How many cast recordings do you own? Which is your favourite?

Geez, I have no idea. 80? Maybe more? My favourite is probably the movie soundtrack to West Side Story. 1

I probably have over 30 cast recordings at home, I was brought up on West End theatre and always got a cast recording from every production I saw. I also bought many as I loved them! I also have my own gold album hanging on my wall recognising over 100,000 CDs sold with Teatro.....does that count? 2 [Yes it does. Bonus point for stagey gold album]

What is the stagiest picture on your phone?

I met Colm Wilkinson at our press night for Titanic at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. He was lovely, incredibly down to earth and humble. 1

A picture of me shaking hands with the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance in 2007 with Teatro. 1

How many times have you seen Wicked?

Honestly… about 30! I worked at the Apollo Victoria when I first moved to London back in 2006. 1

I think I've only seen it twice... 0

Who would you invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?

I'd invite my Granddad, who unfortunately died many years ago. I'd spend the night talking to him about all the things I never got to ask him… oh, and Frank Sinatra. I think the three of us would have a great night. 1

I'd invite Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the Queen... because I've met her... have I mentioned that...? 1

Who is the most famous person in your phone contacts?

Probably Nick Jonas. 0.5

I think that would be the utter gent that is Nigel Harman. 1

Have you ever had your photo taken by Darren Bell?

Yes. Never a headshot but many a production photograph.1

I have had my photo taken many times by Darren Bell, probably more than Scott I reckon. 1

What is the stagiest thing that's ever happened to you?

Probably this ‘Take That Medley' with Killian Donnelly… 1

Playing Enjolras in the 21st anniversary cast of Les Miserables. I went up to my dressing room to find Elaine Paige getting into Cats mode to sing "Memory", as I left her in peace I bumped into Patti LuPone in the corridor as she got ready to sing "I Dreamed A Dream". 2 [Bonus point for stagiest story of the season]

What is your earliest theatrical memory?

Wearing a striped blazer and straw boater singing "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" in a youth production of ‘Annie' aged 9. 1

My earliest theatrical memory is watching my neighbour playing the Narrator in his school production of Joseph, I was 5 and decided I wanted to be in it, years later I played Pharaoh in the West End! 1

What do you like to do after a show?

Once upon a time it was all nighters in Soho but these days it's straight home to my fiancé Grace for peanut butter on toast and a pixar movie. 0

If it's been a bad show, I'll have a beer. If it's been a good show, I'll have a beer. 1

And the winner is...


Scott joins Amelia Lily in 7th place in the stagey league. His performance would have won against many other opponents, but he seems to have gone up against the stagiest of them all.


After topping the table for two months, Simon Lipkin is knocked off in spectacular style by Mr Bailey. An outstanding performance with three bonus points. This one's going to be hard to beat.

Stagey League Table

1. Simon Bailey

12 points

2. Simon Lipkin

10 points

=3. Sabrina Aloueche

9 points

=3. Eva Noblezada

9 points

=3. Jon Robyns

9 points

=3. Lauren Samuels

9 points

7. Amelia Lily

8.5 points

=7. Scott Garnham

8.5 points

=9. Gina Beck

8 points

=9. Cassie Compton

8 points

=9. Lucie Jones

8 points

=12. Carrie Hope Fletcher

7 points

=12. Marc Elliott

7 points

=12. Aaron Sidwell

7 points