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Ghost Stories creator Andy Nyman's top 5 scary theatre moments

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With hit horror play Ghost Stories returning to the West End this month, one of the show's creators Andy Nyman lists his top five scary theatre moments - all without spoiling anything for you:

1. The Woman in Black

"There's a reason why The Woman in Black has been running in the West End for 25 years, it's a tremendous example of the classic English ghost story. All the hallmarks of the genre are there – the apparitions, the creaking doors , the tight lipped locals and an empty chair that rocks itself."

Scariest Moment: "The moment when the locked room at the end of the corridor starts to rattle – the fear lies in the expectation of what is on the other side"

2. The Bone House

"I saw this play by Chris Fassbender at The Edinburgh Festival in 2009. An exploration of why we are fascinated by the cult of serial killers goes to truly unexpected places that are genuinely terrifying. The hour-long play started at midnight and may be the only time I have crouched in a seat in the theatre thinking - 'this must be a play…please don't let this be real'! Terrifying."

Scariest moment: When the lights go out and it suddenly gets very very very dark!

3. Shockheaded Peter

"This phenomenon of a show managed to create a ghoulish fairytale that truly inhabited the world of the Grimm Brothers. Dark, funny, extraordinary and topped off with the incredible music of the Tiger Lillies. An experience I will l never forget. I wish it would come back so I could see it all over again."

Scariest moment: "When the craziest looking ‘monster' I have ever seen bursts onto the stage. I leapt so high I could have painted the ceiling."

4. Corpse

"I saw Gerald Moon's play on the West End in 1986 and loved it. The fun of a great West End thriller is so delicious. There is something of the ghost train about shows like this, Sleuth and Deathtrap. You know there will be twists and turns, daft moments and great theatrical coups. Well this play, starring Milo O'Shea and Keith Baxter stoked a fire in me that has yet to go out. Tremendous fun."

Scariest moment: "Someone leaving by a door and popping up a second later behind a sofa!"

5. Carrie The Musical

"The RSC's ill-fated musical adaptation of Stephen King's novel was plagued with script and technical problems. Myself and my sister were amongst the few people who actually ventured to Stratford Upon Avon to see this cray show. Wrong in every possible way, but still contains one of the most inadvertent terrors I have ever witnessed on stage…."

Scariest moment: "When a piece of the set slipped and almost decapitated one of the shows stars, the legendary Barbara Cook. The scream from her and stunned silence from the audience was truly haunting."

Ghost Stories is at the Arts Theatre until 24 May.