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Film version of Gecko Theatre's Institute to be broadcast and streamed on the BBC

The hit show is heading onto the small screen this month

Amit Lahav
© John Ferguson

Ipswich-based physical theatre company Gecko will have a brand new filmed version of their 2014 show Institute broadcast on BBC Four from mid-July.

The company's show, which explores the psychological impacts of care in a high-pressure world, was first presented six years ago.

Created alongside BBC Arts, The Space and Illuminations, the debut film from the theatre company will be broadcast on Sunday 19 July at 11.10pm. Lasting an hour, it will then remain on BBC iPlayer for 30 days.

Director and performer Amit Lahav said: "This was an exhilarating experience from start to finish. There were many elements of the process relating to visual and aural storytelling which felt natural and instinctive to me, like the blocking and choreography of scenes for the camera and the screen play narrative, which required a different approach and different storytelling techniques to the stage production. Some theatrical sequences, which felt essential for the stage required an altogether different visual language; the scale and necessity of explosive physicality on stage could be found through a more internal, emotional expressiveness using close-up shots, reimagined choreography specific for screen and some clever editing.

"The camera movement and direction required a period of learning which I've been enveloped in over the last five years through various film projects and mentors. Understanding the emotionality of camera angles and movement and the camera's expressive power has taken time to begin to understand. That said it has provided me with some thrilling added storytelling dynamism."

Arlene Phillips, a patron of the company said: "I found myself crying at the simple moments of hope we observe through the characters, wishing their troubles would all go away and that their lives would return to normality. It is a must-see film created by Amit's strange but telling vision of the world around us."


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