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Five Reasons To See ... Alix Dunmore in The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

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Five Reasons to See … Alix Dunmore in The Fitzrovia Radio Hour Alix Dunmore, cast member of the hilariously funny spoof 1940’s radio comedy The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, is playing in the show’s debut performance at the Underbelly at this year’s Fringe Festival.

1. We've had lots of practice.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour has had four successful seasons in London including a whole year of shows at The Globe where we wrote and developed some new work for every performance, and I think we are getting better and better at what we do.

2. You can time travel to the 1940s

The whole show originates from our love of the 1940s, and wanting to transport ourselves back to this era.   Essentially, this means that we are playing actors who are from the 1940s and who don't know why their audience is finding what they are doing so funny. We don't push our jokes too far, yet this seems to make them even funnier. 

3. We write our own scripts

We started off by using radio plays from the 1940s and finding the ridiculousness within them. We now translate that spirit and our love for the era to our own original scripts. 

4. We have mass appeal

It is very hard to pin us down, listings tend to place us under theatre, comedy and cabaret, and we appeal to a broad age range. So while vintage or 'retro' socialising has been a big niche in London for some time, and we have been able to tap into this scene with our first three seasons of shows, the Radio Hour is different and a really broad audience seems to love what we do and keep coming back for more.

5. You really won't see anything else like us at the Fringe

The show is naturally a good fit for the Fringe as it is a brand new concept which defies genres. It stands out from other shows by virtue of being so unusual. We play perfectly serious, proficient and dedicated 1940s radio actors and that will make you laugh in what we consider to be all the wrong places, which ultimately really confuses us on stage. You should also expect casual imperialism, great tales of derring-do and an intriguing number of ways to use a cabbage and a microphone to simulate physical violence while wearing evening dress.

Alix Dunmore stars in The Fitzrovia Radio Hour which is held at the Underbelly, Cowgate & Victoria St, 5-29 August at 15:40.


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